SYNCHRO-SYM is a the only integrated, symmetric multiphase electric machine circuit and control architecture that provides:

  1. The Only Practical Brushless, Symmetric Multiphase Wound-Rotor “Synchronous” Doubly-Fed Electric Machine System:
    • Compared to the century old “asymmetric” circuit and control architecture (of all others) with a “passive rotor” of slip-induction windings, permanent magnets, reluctance saliencies, or DC field windings, the “active rotor” becomes an additional contributor of active power to the electromechanical conversion process together with the active stator to effectively halve the size, cost and loss per unit of power rating (i.e., KW, Hp);
    • Octuple the peak torque density of the asymmetric circuit and control architectures because air-gap flux density remains constant, which avoids reaching core saturation with increasing torque current (and torque);
    • Doubles the performance enabling attribute of any packaging art applied to the century old asymmetric circuit and control architecture to improve performance, such as winding, material, packaging, thermal, electronic component, and manufacturing techniques;
    • As the classic electric machine study 101 for all electric machines, the symmetric multiphase  wound-rotor synchronous doubly-fed electric machine system was known and verified as the ideal electric machine system by hypothetically realizing an inherent brushless real time emulation control means for synchronous stabilization during at least the half century of classic electric machine study but the enabling technology of brushless real time emulation control (BRTEC) was not available until its invention. NOTE: The classic electric machine study 101 becomes the study of all asymmetric electric machine systems by deoptimizing the symmetry with the asymmetry of slip-induction windings, DC field windings, rotor saliencies, or permanent magnets;
    • Never confuse the symmetric multiphase wound-rotor synchronous doubly-fed electric machine system with the so-called Brushless Doubly-Fed Electric Machine System (BDFM or BDFIM) with two active winding sets located on the stator assembly or the traditional wound-rotor induction doubly-fed electric machine system (with a multiphase slip-ring assembly) that always relies on the asymmetry of slip-induction or reluctance between the rotor and stator for overall operation;
  2. The Only Practical Electric Machine System with Brushless Real Time Emulation Control (BRTEC):
    • BRTEC sensorlessly, automatically, instantaneously, and directly controls speed-synchronized, bidirectional, multiphase power with nearly pure sinusoidal waveforms of any frequency (including DC) with any number of phases (including single phase) or electrical phase angle (or impedances) to any other frequency with any number of phases or electrical phase angle by magnetic energy sharing between phases of a compact position dependent flux high frequency transformer (PDF-HFT)) instead of an intermediate DC Link Stage comprising large reactive components, such as low frequency chokes and capacitors
  3. The Only Practical Electric Machine System with a Rotor Assembly That Actively Contributes to “Real” Electromechanical Power Conversion and Production (as does the Stator Assembly);
    • The symmetric (or dual ported) transformer circuit topology of a directly excited rotor multiphase winding set (or active winding set)  provides variable speed constant frequency (VSCF) operation, leading, lagging or unity PF control, field weakening, individual magnitude and phase control of phase winding MMF, and absolute zero and synchronous speed torque control, etc., which is unlike the asymmetric transformer circuit topology of a “passive” rotor assembly with winding sets that rely on slip-induction, reluctance saliencies, DC field windings, or short-lived, expensive, environmentally unfriendly rare earth permanent magnets. Any future development of RE-PM material or cost-performance improvements or even new passive rotor electric machine systems become irrelevant because all “passive” and therefore extraneous rotor components, which effectively waste precious real estate (to only ascertain air-gap flux), can be wirelessly replaced with an “active” rotor winding set that provides additional active power to the electromechanical conversion process.
  4. The Only Practical Electric Machine System with Twice the Performance at Half the Cost of All Others;
    • With a brushless and independent multiphase electrical power port, the rotor assembly (and real-estate) actively contributes to “real” electromechanical power conversion and production (as does the stator assembly) for twice the power in the same package form and with similar quantities of materials as all other electric machines.
  5. The Only Practical Electric Machine System With At Least Quadruple the Peak Torque Potential of All Others;
    • In accordance with the operational physics of the classic dual-ported (or symmetrical) transformer circuit topology, air-gap flux density remains constant with increasing current (e.g., torque current) beyond magnetizing Magneto-Motive-Force (MMF), which provides for a truly direct drive (e.g., gearbox-less) or magnetic gear propulsion system.
  6. The Only Practical Electric Machine System with Twice the Contiguous Constant-Torque Speed (i.e., Maximum Load) Range of All Others r a Given Torque, Air-gap Flux Density, and Excitation Frequency and Voltage;
    • Sub-synchronous to super-synchronous rate torque speed range (without discontinuities), including absolute zero and synchronous speed, provides constant torque to 7600 RPM @ 60 Hz with two poles compared to 3600 RPM for all other electric machines of the same rated torque.
  7. The Only Practical Electric Machine System with Twice Magnification of Material, Packaging, Windings, And Manufacturing Performance Enabling Techniques;
    • SYNCHRO-SYM’s patented fully integrated symmetric circuit and control architecture (as only provided by BRTECmagnifies the materials, packaging, winding, and manufacturing performance enabling techniques by two but in contrast, all other electric machine manufacturers, such as Rimac’s Systems, incorporate materials, packaging, winding, and manufacturing performance enabling techniques available to all to increase the performance of the same century old componentized circuit and control architecture. As a fully integral circuit and control architecture, SYNCHRO-SYM best leverages the enabling enhancements of wide bandgap semiconductor components.
  8. The Only Practical Axial-Flux Electric Machine System with Duplicate Rotor and Stator Assemblies with Easy Lengthwise Stacking (and Smaller Diameter Components) To Provide Incremental Increases in Voltage (series connection), Current (parallel connection), and Power Rating.
    • Without the large reactive components of a DC Link Stage, the symmetrical integrated circuit and control architecture of only BRTEC easily occupies the empty axial flux annulus space for another level of low cost, system power density, easy component assembly, and reduced component inventory.
    • Without extravagantly costly, geopolitically volatile, supply chain limited, environmentally unfriendly, limited life, and formidable safety and handling issues of persistent magnetism of rare-earth permanent magnets.
    • Accommodates wide bandgap semiconductors.