SYNCHRO-SYM Technologies


Our Mission:

Innovate For Our Clean, Efficient, and Sustainable Energy Future!


Presently, BEM is focusing on the $1.4T electric motor propulsion market for electric transportation, such as electric vehicles, airplanes, etc.,
1) With our patented and only electric motor circuit and control technology, called SYNCHRO-SYM, with an “active rotor assembly” that brushlessly and stably contributes another increment of “working power” to the electromechanical energy conversion process along with the universally essential “active stator, which is tantamount to double the power density, octuple the peak torque, half the cost, and half the loss with the same packaging, same construction, and same manufacturing techniques as any other electric motor with a “passive rotating assembly” of either slip-induction windings, rare-earth permanent magnets, reluctance saliencies, or DC field windings that wastes its precious size, loss, and cost without contributing additional “working power” to the electro-mechanical energy conversion process!
2) In addition, we are in the process of fabricating our patented and only rapid electric motor 3D Printer technology, called MOTORPRINTER, for the low cost, scalable, just-in-time, inhouse manufacture of SYNCHRO-SYMs to proactively meet our expected customer needs without the inconvenience of offshoring or constructing the typical large manufacturing facility!