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SYNCHRO-SYM is a patented, fully integrated electric machine circuit and control architecture comprising a multiphase wound-rotor doubly-fed electric machine circuit topology and a brushless, bi-directional, sensor-less, and automatic controller, called brushless real time emulation controller (BRTEC), that uniquely guarantees contiguous and symmetrically stable "synchronous" operation during motoring and generating from sub-synchronous to super-synchronous speeds, including at or about synchronous speed.


Unlike the century old componentized circuit and control architecture of all other electric machine systems, including state of art permanent magnet electric machine systems, the simple operating physics of SYNCHRO-SYM's patented integrated electric machine circuit and control architecture eliminates the extraneous loss, cost, size, and complexity of “passive” rotor assembly components, such as permanent magnets, reluctance saliencies, field windings, and induction squirrel cage windings, by brushlessly incorporating within the same footprint of all other electric machines, the additional active power of another “active” winding set on the rotor assembly as provided by the elemental stator “active” winding set.


As the only practical electric machine with the rotor assembly "actively" contributing to the electromechanical energy conversion process (in addition with the elemental stator assembly), the fully electromagnetic (or without permanent magnets) SYNCHRO-SYM at least doubles the power density and "peak torque potential" of all other electric machines, including rare earth permanent magnet electric machines, while doubling the performance of the best materials, packaging techniques, winding techniques, and manufacturing techniques that all other electric machine manufacturers optimally design into the same century old electric machine componentized circuit and control architecture to enable their electric machine invention or performance.


Compared to all other electric motor or generator systems, including highly optimized systems, SYNCHRO-SYM is a patented electric machine integrated circuit and control architecture that provides...(READ MORE)


As the only practical brushless and symmetrically stable multiphase wound-rotor “synchronous” doubly-fed electric machine, SYNCHRO-SYM has ample in-house study and prototyping (e.g., synchronous doubly fed) and legacy third-party study and manufacture (e.g., wound rotor induction doubly fed). In consideration, SYNCHRO-SYM is straight-forward ready with only routine engineering and manufacturing efforts for power scaling to any customer needs. A Simple or Detailed Concept of Operation (CONOPS) is available. 



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