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SYNCHRO-SYM is a patented electric motor or generator system with an integrated electric machine circuit and control architecture that 1) significantly magnifies the peak torque potential and operational performance of the electric motor or generator system beyond the alternative century old, componentized electric machine circuit and control architectures used by all others and 2) significantly magnifies the extra performance enabled by optimized electromagnetic materials, winding, or packaging techniques that all other electric machine systems are constrained to use for invention or performance improvement.





SYNCHRO-SYM is a patented, fully integrated electric machine circuit and control architecture comprising a "multiphase" wound-rotor doubly-fed electric machine circuit topology and a brushless, multiphase, bi-directional, sensor-less, and automatic controller, called brushless multiphase real time emulation controller (BRTEC), that uniquely guarantees contactless, contiguous and symmetrically stable, "synchronous" doubly-fed operation during motoring or generating from sub-synchronous to super-synchronous speeds, including at absolute or about synchronous speed.

NOTE: Multiphase Real Time Emulation Control was theoretically known by electric machine experts since at least the 1960s to be essential for realizing a true "multiphase" wound-rotor "synchronous" doubly-fed electric machine system, which electric machine experts consider to be the ideal electric machine system, but enabling technologies were not available until the invention of BRTEC.

Unlike the century old componentized circuit and control architecture used by all other electric machine systems, including state of art permanent magnet electric machine systems, the simple operating physics of the patented integrated electric machine circuit and control architecture of SYNCHRO-SYM (as only provided by BRTEC) eliminates reliance on the extraneous loss, cost, size, and complexity of the “passive” rotor assembly components, such as permanent magnets, reluctance saliencies, direct current (DC) field windings, and slip-induction windings, by brushlessly retrofitting (within the same electric machine physical footprint) another “active” multiphase winding set on the rotor assembly (in addition to the customary active multiphase winding set on the stator assembly).


NOTE: By removing the "passive" (and therefore extraneous) rotor components, such as rare-earth permanent magnets (RE-PM), and brushlessly replacing the extraneous rotor components with an "active" rotor winding set that contributes to "real" power production (in addition to the stator "active" winding set) without changing the electric machine footprint (for double the power density and performance at half the cost as only provided by SYNCHRO-SYM), SYNCHRO-SYM makes any future development of RE-PM cost-performance improvements irrelevant for electric machines (even by ongoing Holy Grail R+D), since permanent magnets, like reluctance saliencies, squirrel cage induction windings, and DC field windings,  are effectively just extraneous, "passive" components.


As the only practical electric machine with the rotor assembly "actively" contributing to "real" electromechanical power conversion and production, SYNCHRO-SYM provides the magnifying performance of a symmetrical (or dual ported) transformer circuit topology that: 1) doubles the "continuously rated" power density from all other electric machines, 2) halves the electric machine system cost from all other electric machines, 3)  better than equals the coveted efficiency of the RE-PM electric machine system, 4) doubles the performance enabled by optimized materials, packaging, winding, and manufacturing techniques that all other electric machine manufacturers are  constrained to use for their so-called electric machine invention or performance with their common century old componentized electric machine circuit and control architecture, 5) quadruples the electric machine "peak" torque and "peak" power density, including over the coveted peak torque potential of rare earth permanent magnet electric machines, and 6) provides higher speed and broader range of efficiency with coveted, comprehensive field weakening capability.

NOTE: Highest peak torque (as only provided by SYNCHRO-SYM) truly realizes a fully integrated "magnetic gear" (or direct drive) electric vehicle propulsion systems.


NOTE: Within the same physical footprint and with the same "continuous rated" torque and voltage, a multiphase wound rotor synchronous doubly-fed electric machine (as only provided by SYNCHRO-SYM) operates in the "constant torque speed range" to 7200 RPM with two poles and 60 Hz excitation compared to 3600 RPM for all other electric machines, which is universally recognized as a characteristic for twice the power and power density.


IMPORTANT: As the only practical brushless and symmetrically stable multiphase wound-rotor “synchronous” doubly-fed electric machine system, SYNCHRO-SYM has ample in-house study and prototyping (e.g., synchronous doubly fed) as well as legacy third-party study and manufacture (e.g., multiphase slip-ring wound rotor induction doubly fed). In consideration, SYNCHRO-SYM is routine engineering and manufacturing ready for power scaling to any customer specification.


NOTE: A Simple or Detailed Concept of Operation (CONOPS) is available. 









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