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MOTORPRINTER additively and rapidly (just in time) manufactures axial flux electric machines by directly using readily available pre-manufactured materials with the highest performing electromagnetic and structural properties, such as amorphous metal ribbon with extremely high permeability (e.g., for less rare earth permanent magnet material or less magnetizing MMF) and resistivity (e.g., for up to 80% lower core loss). Until MOTORPRINTER, the attractive electromagnetic properties that make these materials exceptional also make these materials difficult to manufacture into an electric machine core without losing their delicate and coveted properties or without experiencing extreme manufacturing tool wear. For instance, amorphous metal ribbon (discovered in the 1950s) has yet to be practically used in an electric motor, although attempted many times to this day. In contrast, other 3D Printers use materials that are specifically compatible with the 3D Printer mechanics and not with the resulting products that are additively manufactured. 


NOTE: Compared to the common radial flux form of electric machine, axial flux electric machines are known to use up to 10-20% less copper and steel while providing higher efficiency and torque (see axial-flux whitepaper with MAGNAX marketing remarks).  As a fully electromagnetic electric machine (e.g., no permanent magnets), SYNCHRO-SYM most conveniently accommodates the axial flux form of electric machine.



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