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1)The Only Practical Electric Machine System With Brushless Real Time Emulation Control (BRTEC);

     (e.g., BRTEC sensorlessly, precisely, automatically, and instaneously controls speed synchronized, bidirectional power to provide pure sinusoidal waveforms of any frequency (including DC) with any number of phases or electrical phase angles (or impedances) to any other frequency with any number of phases or electrical phase angles. Real time emulation control was theoretically known by experts since at least the 1960s to be essential for realizing a true multiphase wound-rotor "synchronous" doubly-fed electric machine, but enabling technology was not available until the invention of BRTEC)


2)The Only Practical Electric Machine System With Twice The Performance Of All Others At Half The Cost;

     (e.g., With an brushless and independent multiphase electrical power port, the rotor assembly (and real-estate) actively contributes to electromechanical power production (as does the stator assembly) for twice the power in the same package form as all other electric machines)


3)The Only Practical Electric Machine System With At Least Twice The Peak Torque Potential Of All Others (for truly direct drive or transmission-less propulsion systems);

      (e.g., Follows the operation of the classic dual ported (or symmetrical) transformer circuit topology, where airgap flux density remains constant with increasing current (e.g., torque current) beyond magnetizing MMF)


4)The Only Practical Electric Machine System With Twice The Contiguous Constant-Torque Speed Range (and Power) Of All Others For A Given Frequency and Voltage of Excitation;

     (e.g., Contiguous sub-synchronous to super-synchronous rate torque speed range, including absolute zero and synchronous speed, i.e., 7600 RPM @ 60 Hz with two poles compared to 3600 RPM for all other electric machines of the same rated torque)


5)The Only Practical Electric Machine System With A Rotor Assembly That "Actively" Contributes to Electromechanical Power Production;

    (e.g., No "Passive," Delicate, Expensive, Environmentally Unfriendly, and Global Supply Limited Permanent Magnets, such as Rare Earth Permanent Magnets, with degrading performance over normal operational life and accelerated degrading during stress)


6)The Only Practical Electric Machine System With Magnification of Performance Enabling Material, Packaging, And Manufacturing Techniques;

     (e.g., All other electric machine manufacturers, such as Rimac's Systems, incorporate performance material, packaging, and manufacturing techniques to enable the "high performance" of their same century old circuit and control architecture but in contrast, SYNCHRO-SYM's circuit and control architecture magnifies the performance enabling attributes)


7)The Only Practical Electric Machine System With Duplicate Rotor and Stator Assemblies In An Axial Flux Form And Easy Stacking (lengthwise) For Incremental Increases in Voltage (series connection), Current (parallel connection), and Power Rating.

      (e.g., The symmetrical circuit and control architecture of BRTEC allows occupation within the empty axial flux annulus space for another level of power density and low cost, and for convenient incremental series and parallel voltage power stacking)



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