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Another patented invention of SYNCHRO-SYM Technologies is Brushless Multiphase Self-Commutated Control (BMSCC), which realizes a pure gyrator, synchroconverter, or virtual synchronous machine for the future focus of BEM, such as smart-power-converter products for the smart grid, the implementation of renewable energy from photovoltaics (PV), etc. By electronically controlling the sharing of magnetic energy between phases of a Position Dependent Flux High Frequency Transformer (PDF-HFT) with proprietary modulation techniques under resonant or soft switching, BMSCC acts as a phase lock loop to sensorlessly and automatically control the transfer of speed synchronized, bidirectional power of pure sinusoidal waveform of any frequency (including DC), any number of phases, or electrical phase angles (or impedances) to another power of pure sinusoidal waveform of any other frequency, any other number of phases, or any other electrical phase angles, which can be speed synchronized. For example, SYNCHRO-SYM's Brushless Real Time Emulation Controller (BRTEC) comprises BMSCC.


All high performance electronic power inverters, including BMSCC, comprise a circuit topology with a primary stage of active electronics to translate frequency (including DC), phase, and voltage level on one side of an intermediate stage, such as the DC link stage, to another frequency (including DC), phase and voltage level by a secondary stage of active electronics on the other side of the intermediate stage. The primary or secondary stage has half the number of active electronic power semiconductors with  half the cost and loss as the complete electronic power inverter. The three stage electronic power inverters are placed along a micro-distribution bus, such as a DC bus, to service  the system of systems of an electric vehicle or ship system, such as the system of electric motor, generator and accessory systems, but only with the combination of modular and scalable power condition nodes of modified BMSCCs, which comprise the same primary (or secondary) stage of active electronics on each side of the PDF-HFT intermediate stage, the secondary windings of the PDF-HFT directly implement a patented isolated bi-directional balanced multiphase, soft-switching high frequency, AC micro distribution bus (BM-HFMDB), which services a system of systems with fewer electronic stages, lower cost, and higher efficiency.


With automatic frequency synchronization, BMSCC could dramatically reduce overall electrical energy consumption under the enterprise management of a system of systems. For example, a crane (with SYNCHRO-SYM) consuming electrical power from the electrical power grid by lifting a load (against gravity) at one field location would be neutralized by another crane (with SYNCHRO-SYM) returning (generating) electrical power to the electrical power grid by lowering a load (with gravity) at another field location and as a result, total electrical power would be reduced to electrical losses in the system of systems.  



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