Another invention of SYNCHRO-SYM Technologies is Brushless Multiphase Self-Commutated Control (BMSCC). BMSCC sensorlessly and automatically controls bidirectional power of any frequency (including DC) with any number of phases or electrical phase angle to any other power of any frequency with any number of phases or electrical phase angle. SYNCHRO-SYM's Brushless Real Time Emulation Control (BRTEC) comprises BMSCC. BMSCC (and SYNCHRO-SYM) is a pure gyrator, synchroconverter, or virtual synchronous machine.


Although never clearly mentioned, the following process of a pure gyrator or synchroconverter is possible: With enterprise (or system of system) management, BMSCC could dramatically reduce overall electrical energy consumption. For example, a crane (with SYNCHRO-SYM) lifting a load (against gravity) in one location would absorb electrical power (by BMSCC) from the electrical grid but power offset by another crane (with SYNCHRO-SYM) lowering a load (with gravity) in another location would return electrical power (by BMSCC) to the electrical grid. Total electrical power would be reduced to only losses in the system of systems.  



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