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The original back-iron disks of high permeable core materials, which are required to complete the magnetic circuit path through the air gap of MAGNAX (and to support the rare earth permanent magnets), should be replaced with similar dimensioned back-iron disks of low core loss laminated electrical steel (because the rotor of the SYNCHRO-SYM retrofit is now "actively" contributing to electromechanical power production).


NOTE: Although SYNCHRO-SYM can retrofit MAGNAX’s Yokeless and Segmented Armature (YASA) form with concentrated windings, SYNCHRO-SYM prefers a simpler NN-Torus-S (or better, a single sided air gap) axial flux form for better cooling, easy stacking for incremental increases in power, but more importantly, for accommodating the rapid additive manufacture of axial flux electric machines with high performance amorphous metal ribbon for an additional level of motor efficiency (as only provided by MOTORPRINTER).

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