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MOTORPRINTER is a patented method for additively manufacturing axial-flux electric machine cores without damaging the delicate attributes of the pre-processed high performance materials, such as ultrathin amorphous or electrical steel ribbon, without secondary machining operations, such as Blanchard grinding the air-gap surface flat, and without tool wear; and for additively manufacturing the frame and bearing bezel with inexpensive, pre-processed structural steel, aluminum, or composite components. MOTORPRINTER performance with amorphous metal ribbon has been empirically studied and successfully proven by the formulation, orchestration, and coordination of BEM with an amorphous metal foundry and several fiber laser companies. More information can be found in the MOTORPRINTER whitepaper. All that remains to democratize the manufacture of any category of axial flux electric machines, such as SYNCHRO-SYM or singly fed or doubly fed induction (i.e., asynchronous), reluctance (e.g., asynchronous or synchronous), synchronous (e.g., permanent magnet or field wound) electric machines, or the manufacture of high power high frequency transformers for the smart grid, such as the position dependent flux high frequency transformer of Brushless Multiphase Self-Commutated Control (BMSCC), is the simple engineering, fabrication, and delivery of MOTORPRINTER.


Compared to all other electric motor or generator (i.e., electric machine) manufacturing processes, MOTORPRINTER is a laminated object manufacturing 3D Printing method for electric machines that provides...(READ MORE)




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