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MOTORPRINTER is a patented "method" for additively manufacturing ultrahigh performance, low or high frequency axial-flux electric motor, electric generator, and electric transformer cores (or axial flux electric machine cores) of any size or power rating: 1) with readily available, environmentally friendly, optimally processed, ultrathin electrical metal ribbons, such as electrical steel, nanocrystalline, or amorphous metal, 2) with with perfectly aligned slots and slot channels of any programmed optimized shape (for containing the windings, permanent magnets, reluctance saliencies, etc.), 3) without damaging the delicate attributes of the pre-processed high performance materials by the extraneous time and cost of secondary or post-process machining operations, such as Blanchard grinding for a precision flat air-gap surface, and 4) without tool wear; and for additively manufacturing the accommodating frame and bearing bezel assembly with inexpensive, readily available, optimally processed, high performance structural steel, aluminum, or composite materials, instead of from the traditional pre-ordered inventory of casted components.


Since electric machines are the essential backbone components of the entire electricity infrastructure, such as for emerging renewable energy, the smart grid, electric vehicles, micro-distribution buses, etc., MOTORPRINTER will be an essential enabler of the electricity infrastructure future performance.


NOTE: As a patented "method," which protects the manufacturing IP and the manufactured product by using the IP, MOTORPRINTER will democratize manufacturing with distributed manufacturing, will eliminate the consolidation of electric machine manufacturing to oppressed labor countries, and will provide a leverage against unfair trade barriers or trade wars.

NOTE: Compared to the common radial flux form of electric machine, axial flux electric machines are known to use up to 10-20% less copper and steel while providing higher efficiency and torque (see axial-flux whitepaper with MAGNAX marketing remarks).  As a fully electromagnetic electric machine (e.g., no permanent magnets), SYNCHRO-SYM most conveniently accommodates the axial flux form of electric machine.

NOTE: MOTORPRINTER additively and rapidly (just in time) manufactures axial flux electric machines by directly using readily available pre-manufactured materials with the highest performing electromagnetic and structural properties for the highest electric machine efficiency and smallest size, such as amorphous metal ribbon with extremely high permeability (e.g., for less rare earth permanent magnet material or less magnetizing MMF), extremely high resistivity (e.g., for up to 80% lower core loss than the best grain-oriented electrical steel), and high flux density over a wideband of power supporting frequencies (10s of Hz to 100s of kHz). In consideration, amorphous metal ribbon is a practical means to meet progressively mandated efficiency standards for electric machines, such as IE4, IE5, etc. But until MOTORPRINTER, the attractive electromagnetic properties that make these materials exceptional also make these materials difficult to manufacture into an electric machine core without losing their delicate and coveted properties or without experiencing extreme manufacturing tool wear. For instance, amorphous metal ribbon (discovered in the 1950s) has yet to be practically used in an electric motor, although attempted many times to this day. In contrast, traditional 3D Printers use additive materials that are specifically compatible with the 3D Printer mechanism, itself, and then modifying these materials without optimum regard to the product being additively manufactured. 


MOTORPRINTER performance with amorphous metal ribbon has been empirically studied and successfully proven by the formulation, orchestration, and coordination of BEM with the original amorphous metal foundry (i.e., Metglas) and several fiber laser companies (e.g., IPG Photonics). More information can be found in the MOTORPRINTER whitepaper and a study by Metglas


With simple engineering, fabrication, and delivery, MOTORPRINTER is a self-contained, portable, scalable, 3D Printer Pod, such as a shipping container, that will democratize the manufacture of any category of ultrahigh performance axial flux electric machines, such as SYNCHRO-SYM or singly fed or doubly fed induction (i.e., asynchronous), reluctance (e.g., asynchronous or synchronous), and synchronous (e.g., permanent magnet or field wound) electric machines, or the manufacture of high power, high frequency transformers for the smart grid, such as the position dependent flux high frequency transformer (PDF-HFT) of the patented Brushless Multiphase Self-Commutated Control (BMSCC), by conveniently localizing electric machine manufacturing at the research facility, at the boutique motor manufacturing facility, or at the traditional OEM manufacturing facility. Operating 20hrs/day, MOTORPRINTER is capable of annually 3D Printing up to 30,000 axial flux electric machine cores with integral frame and bearing assembly of 50 KW rating


Also, BEM developed a Computer Aided Design tool (BEM-CAD) for the design and MOTORPRINTER manufacture of axial flux electric machine cores with integral frame and bearing assembly. For SYNCHRO-SYM, BEM-CAD also provides a selectable mode that optimizes the axial flux core and frame design for conveniently placing active cooling vents and brushless real time emulation control (BRTEC) within the otherwise wasted annulus space of the axial flux core for an additional level of motor power density.


Compared to all other electric motor or generator (i.e., electric machine) manufacturing processes, MOTORPRINTER is a revolutionary laminated object manufacturing (LOM) 3D Printing method for electric machines that provides...(READ MORE)





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