Without damaging the delicate attributes of the high performance pre-processed materials, without secondary machining operations, and without tool wear, MOTORPRINTER additively manufactures axial-flux electric machine cores with thin pre-processed amorphous or high performance electrical steel ribbon and additively manufactures the frame and bearing bezel with inexpensive, pre-processed structural steel, aluminum, or composite components. MOTORPRINTER performance with amorphous metal ribbon has been empirically studied in cooperation with an amorphous metal foundry and several fiber laser companies. More information can be found MOTORPRINTER whitepaper. All that remains is fabrication and control engineering for its introduction into BEM's product line manufacturing of SYNCHRO-SYM or high power high frequency transformers for the smart grid, such as the position dependent flux high frequency transformer of Brushless Multiphase Self-Commutated Control (BMSCC) of which SYNCHRO-SYM's Brushless Real Time Emulation Control (BRTEC) is based.



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