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Peak Constant-Torque Comparison Between Electric Machine Types:


Commonly understood by the community of electric motor and generator experts, the following table shows the peak constant-torque multiplier potential in accordance with the principles of operation between optimally designed electric machine system (EMS) types, which is a true indication of peak power and torque density between EMS types.  As known by electric machine experts [1], the symmetrical transformer wound-rotor [synchronous] doubly-fed EMS (as only provided by the Synchro-Sym EMS (SS-EMS)) provides factors higher peak constant-torque potential than the closest competitor.



NOTE: Although general industry is quickly moving away from the Universal EMS, which is popularly known as the venerable electromechanically commutated DC motor, hot rod enthusiasts of high performance electric vehicles (EV), such as EV dragsters, and high torque industrial applications, still choose the Universal EMS (even today) because of its highest peak torque multiplier potential and its simple control.  But until the advent of SS-EMS Technology, which provides significantly higher peak torque, the high performance electric vehicles (EV) hot rod enthusiasts and high torque industrial applications also had to accept the mechanical complexity, the highest maintenance, and the lowest reliability  of the Universal EMS due to the electromechanical commutator (e.g., brushes).



Peak Constant-Torque for Electric Machine System (EMS) Types

Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet EMS

1.5 - 2 x

Induction EMS

2.5 - 3 x

Universal EMS

(e.g., electromechanically commutated DC)

5 x

Wound Rotor [Synchronous] Doubly-Fed EMS as only provided by Synchro-Sym EMS (SS-EMS)

> 8 x


[1] Norbert L. Schmitz and Willis F. Long, "The Cycloconverter driven Doubly-fed Induction Motor," IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus And Systems, Vol. PAS-90, No. 2, March/April 1971, pp. 526-531.

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Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.


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