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Providing "real innovation for our clean and sustainable energy future," Best Electric Machine (BEM) is an electrical infrastructure technology company, which is a funded subsidiary of Engineering Devices Incorporated, which is a privately held Massachusetts company that has been serving the high tech industry since 1978. Our Mission statement is, "Real Innovation For Our Energy Future!"

Our flagship patented technologies provides a disruptive technological leap for electric motors and generators and for the smart grid:

1) The only one-step solid state transformer (SST) [1] type converter, called Brushless Multiphase Self-Commutation Control (BMSCC) but also known as Brushless Real-Time Emulation Control (BRTEC) that directly converts single phase or multiple phase Alternating Current (AC) of any frequency, phase or voltage to (or from) any frequency, phase, or voltage AC or Direct Current (DC) or even DC to (or from) DC with virtually no harmonic content, without the bulk, cost and inefficiencies of DC-Link Stages, extraneous active power correction, or low frequency reactive components. Uniquely, BMSCC uses a position-dependent-flux high frequency transformer, which shares power between phases to at least eliminate the DC Link Stage or to automatically provide speed synchronized multiphase power in real time for self-commutated control of electric motors and generators (i.e., electric machines (EM));[2]

2) The only Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) 3D Printer for the rapid hybrid manufacture of axial-flux (AF) EM [3] and transformer cores (with integral frame), including electromagnetic cores with high performance magnetic core materials, such as amorphous metals, for very efficient or high frequency operation.

The previous two patented technologies enable two more patented or patent pending technologies for the electricity infrastructure:

1) The only brushless, fully stable, wound-rotor [synchronous] doubly-fed EM (WRSDF-EM), called Synchro-Sym,  for symmetrically stable synchronous doubly-fed motoring and generating.

2) The only high power multiphase micro-distribution bus for electric propulsion systems, such as ships and electric drive-train vehicles, that provides direct AC (of any frequency, phase, or voltage) or DC interfacing with fewer components, lower cost, higher efficiency and higher power density.

By simple enabling of integrated compact synchro-phasor, frequency changer, frequency synchronizer, power-factor correcting, electric drive, and electric propulsion systems of any power rating, BEM expects the patented technologies will bring the so-called smart grid closer to practical reality.


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Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.


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