- Real Innovation For Our Energy Future -




- The savings in energy can pay for the premium cost of an energy efficient electric machine system well within its life of operation! -


- With company design and manufacture of today's electric motor and generator systems likely outsourced, why pay extra for company branding of just another me-too technology? -


- Permanent Magnet motor and generator systems use strategic, environmentally unfriendly, and cartel-controlled materials, such as dysprosium doped neodymium! -


A sensible business decision would consider transformational electric motor or generator system technnologies! -



While "innovating for our energy future," Best Electric Machine (BEM) patented, developed, and now offers a transformational electric motor or generator (i.e., electric machine) system technology (EMS), called SYNCHRO-SYM Electric Machine System or (SS-EMS).  SS-EMS technology is without exotic materials, such as rare-earth permanent magnets, but provides industry's highest efficiency, lowest cost, highest power density, and highest peak torque density while using the same packaging techniques that are available to all but advertized as strategic value-added by many. As a fully integrated variable-speed constant-frequency system with proprietary Brushless Real Time Control (BRTC), the SS-EMS is always delivered as a completely-functional and tested "turn-key system” with pure sinusoidal filtering, symmetrical motoring or generating, leading, lagging, or unity power-factor adjustment (when connected to AC), standard electrical connection, and industrial communication interface in accordance with customer specification.


BEM is not an integrator of conventional third party high profit "me-too" electric machine components that rely on the same packaging techniques to improve cost-performance but instead, BEM is a just-in-time manufacturer of its patented and patent pending electric machine technologies. As our website explains in detail, our uniquely superior transformational variable speed electric machine technology will always show lowest cost with highest performance over conventional technology under similar manufacturing volume and with similar packaging techniques.


Under BEM value proposition for earning our customer's trust, BEM now offers our customers two purchasing vehicles to provide industry's best pricing for SS-EMS Technology purchases: 1) BEM Crowd-Purchase For Low Volume Purchases; and 2) BEM Enterprise Purchase For Large Volume Purchases.


BEM "Crowd-Purchase" For "Low Volume" Purchases:


BEM has been listening to the creative purchasing suggestions of "crowd purchasing" by potential customers without enterprise purchases. As a result, BEM now offers six "crowd purchase" SS-EMS products, the SS-EMS-150, the SS-EMS-250, the SS-EMS-500T, SS-EMS-2500-WT, and the SS-EMS-5500-SP, and Axial-Flux Electric Machine Core Manufacturing Services, all of which are mainly focused on electric vehicle (EV) industry or enthusiasts, the ship propulsion business, and the direct drive wind-turbine business.

For a limited time in order to establish our MotorPrinter just-in-time manufacturing capability, BEM is offering "Crowd Purchasing" to provide our low volume purchase customers a similar economy of scale as our  high volume purchase (or enterprise) customers by joining a crowd of customers (or "purchase crowd") that together achieve a combine purchase (or "purchase allotment") with similar volume as our enterprise customer. Since manufacturing  can only begin when the "purchase allotment" is met, crowd purchasing customers accept a longer delivery lead times to establish the "purchase allotment" over a broader customer base by joining the "purchase crowd" with a good faith, non-refundable "commitment fee" for purchase crowd buy-in and to begin preparation and fabrication of in-house manufacturing, tooling setup, and non-recurring engineering (NRE) for the total customers' purchase allotment with MotorPrinter.

For more details, we invite you to go to our shopping website to select our crowd purchasing products and services.


Crowd Purchasing Shopping Cart



BEM "Enterprise Purchase" For "Large Volume" Purchases:


Under Enterprise Purchasing, BEM must ask for at least five megawatts of "total power" purchase to reasonably amortize the cost of any non-recurring engineering (NRE) in accordance to our customer's specifications and the cost of tooling setup for outsourced manufacturing. Initial delivery occurs within 8 months of the initial payment schedule for NRE and retooling.


Note: 5 MW of "Total Power Purchase" is equivalent to one hundred 50KW/1800 RPM SS-EMS(s), or two hundred 25KW/1800 RPM SS-EMS(s), or five hundred 10KW/1800 RPM SS-EMS(s), or so on as determined by BEM-CAD.


Please submit your specification in accordance with your constant-torque and voltage speed range specification for BEM to provide pricing based on volume purchases greater than 5MW.


Note: Since customer specifications may require BEM-CAD analysis, a nominal fee may be requested. 



Enterprise Purchases



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Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.


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