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Best Electric Machine (BEM) was a design-house for Synchro-Sym Electric Machine (i.e., electric motor and generator) System (SS-EMS) Technology that outsourced SS-EMS manufacture. As a result, BEM could only support high volume purchases of SS-EMS Technology to reasonably amortize the retooling costs of outsourcing and non-recurring engineering (NRE), which is provided in accordance with our high volume customer specifications. Motivated to leverage manufacturing technology for in-house manufacture of SS-EMS Technology, BEM discovered the patented technology of "MotorPrinter," which is a member of the Laminated Object manufacturing (LOM) family of 3D Printers. "MotorPrinter" is the only 3D Printer of axial-flux electric machines (or electric motor and generators) and the only practical means available for the just-in-time manufacture of amorphous ribbon electric machine (AFEM) cores of virtually any size with precision aligned slot channels of virtually any custom slot shape or any type of EM, such as internal or external PM EM(s), Reluctance EM(s), Induction EM(s), or Wound-Rotor EM(s). Universal slot shapes provide better utilization of the air-gap area, such as one wire width opening, better winding packing, lower noise, and lower torque ripple. In addition, MotorPrinter automatically completes the entire core: 1) with a precision flat air-gap surface from imprecise raw amorphous ribbon but without secondary grinding processes; and 2) with a precision integral frame and bearing assembly from imprecise raw structural steel instead of the usual assembling of the frame and bearing assembly from an extensive inventory of precision castings for every size.  By cutting the shape before wrapping the raw pre-manufactured electromagnetic performance ribbon into a core one thin layer at a time (i.e., additive manufacturing), the high permeability, the high saturations flux density, and the high resistivity performance of the raw ribbon is preserved with waste significantly reduced to only slot and shape cuttings to provide a better performing electromagnetic core than soft magnetic composite (SMC) alternatives without considering the powdering process from raw material bulk.


As a universal 3D Printer of the axial-flux form of electric machine, MicroPrinter allows BEM to cost-effectively manufacture any quantity of SS-EMS technology just-in-time or to universally prototype or produce any design of axial-flux core from academia or industry, which will democratize axial-flux electric machine research, development, and manufacture.  By 3D Printing of any axial-flux electric machine form, MotorPrinter is far ahead of any competitor's 3D Printing of electric machines, which are researching 3D Printing of electric machines by changing the century of electric machine footprint and construction to fit conventional 3D printing with uncertain expectations.



AXIAL-FLUX FOOTPRINT ATTRIBUTES: Many specialty electric machine system (EMS) manufacturers, such as those supplying the electric vehicle (EV) market, provide the axial-flux footprint (AF) of electric machine (AFEM) systems.[1] The AFEM core is best for at least the following reasons:

  • Provides equal rotor and stator surfaces to the cooling ambient;[2]

  • Reduces copper utilization by 13-14% and iron utilization by 21.5-32.5% compared to the traditional radial-flux EMS as theoretically considered by Polard;[3]

  • Provides adjustable air-gap depth;

  • Accommodates automated winding with an outside-to-inside robotic approach;

  • Eliminates rotor-stator contention under dynamic conditions (assuming appropriate bearing assembly);

  • Provides an empty annulus real-estate for placement of the integral controller or for additional air flow path;

  • Only footprint that conveniently handles very thin amorphous ribbon:

    • Amorphous ribbon provides up to 80% reduction in core loss over conventional electrical steel cores;

    • Amorphous ribbon provides high frequency operation:

      • Electronic Transformer (or now called Solid State) Transformers;

      • High speed electric machines.



NOTE: As the only symmetrical (true dual-ported) electric machine, the amorphous axial-flux footprint uniquely accommodates SS-EMS Technology, which is the flagship technology of BEM. For instance the rotor and stator components of only the SS-EMS with an axial-flux footprint are virtually the same components, which reduces component inventory, and the rotor and stator components include opposing halves of an integral position-dependent-flux "high frequency" transformer component for brushless real time control (BRTC), which is best served with amorphous metal. 


[1] With an axial-flux electric machine (EM) footprint the flux path is parallel to the axle (i.e., rotor disk adjacent to stator disk with a disk shape air-gap). With the traditional and predominantly applied radial-flux EM footprint, the flux path is perpendicular to the axle (i.e., traditional rotor cylinder-inside-stator cylinder form with a cylinder shape air-gap).

[2] Axial-flux form has two styles with obvious pro-cons: 1) Single air-gap, which requires a more robust bearing and frame assembly but better cooling and requires lower MMF (i.e., single air-gap magnetic path); 2) Double air-gap, which requires higher MMF (i.e., double air-gap), has better for permanent magnet electric machines, compromises cooling and Power Stacking. The single air-gap axial-flux form is optimum for SYNCHRO-SYM and Power Stacking.

[3] Zahra Nasiri-Gheidari, Hamid Lesani,A Survey on Axial Flux Induction Motors, PRZEGLAD ELEKTROTECHNICZNY (Electrical Review), ISSN 0033-2097, R.88 NR 2/2012.

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Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.


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