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While "innovating for our energy future," Best Electric Machine, (BEM) is a design house for SYNCHRO-SYM Electric Machine System or (SS-EMS) technology.  SS-EMS is a revolutionary electric motor or generator (i.e., electric machine) system technology without exotic materials, such as rare-earth permanent magnets, but conveniently provides industry's highest efficiency, lowest cost, highest power density, and highest peak torque density as known by electric machine experts since at least the 1960's. 


Presently without the accumulated resources that give larger motor or adjustable speed drive manufacturers significant market clout with their high profit "me-too" products, what makes BEM standout?


Without exception, all electric motor and generator system manufacturers and designers follow the same well understood operating principles of physics  and as a result, all leverage the same manufacturing practices and packaging techniques (or me-too products) that were developed over at least the last century.[1]  Likewise, all electric motor and generator system manufacturers and designers (with the exception of BEM) leverage the same derivatives of electric machine electronic control techniques, such as field oriented control, which were established more than half century ago. 


Clearly, BEM Value Proposition can only be:

  • BEM leverages the same available low risk manufacturing practices, templates, and packaging techniques as any other electric motor and generator system manufacturer or designer;

  • Since the 1960's, experts have known that the wound-rotor doubly-fed "synchronous" electric machine system, which is the classic academic study for all electric machines,  is the holy grail of electric machine technology; but only with the formidable invention of a practical and brushless real-time controller means (as only provided by patented SS-EMS and brushless real time control (BRTC) technologies) that uniquely allow the rotor real-estate to actively and continuously participate in the energy conversion process to provide twice the constant-torque speed range with a given frequency of excitation (i.e., super-synchronous motoring and generating operation). As a result of the active rotor real-estate, the transformational SS-EMS technology uniquely provides the highest power density, the highest torque density, and the highest efficiency in the EMS industry but all at the lowest cost;

  • Brushless real time control (BRTC) leverages the same available low risk commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic power component technologies that are also available to all other electric machine manufacturers or designers;

  • With the exception of improved packaging techniques, such as better permanent magnet and core materials, and of course the introduction of electronic excitation control, motors have changed little over the last century until the recent advent of brushless real time control (BRTC) for a true brushless wound-rotor doubly-fed "synchronous" electric machine system;

  • As a fully electromagnetic circuit topology (e.g., no permanent magnets), SS-EMS technology can incorporate sinusoidally distributed windings with smooth air-gaps or concentrated windings with the low design risk of over a century of manufacturing practices and packaging techniques;

  • As the only designer, manufacturer, and knowledge base for SS-EMS Technologies, BEM developed the Best Electric Machine Computer Aided Design tool (BEM-CAD) uniquely for SS-EMS Technologies

  • To establish in-house manufacturing, BEM leveraged the patented 3D Printer of electric machine technology, called MotorPrinter, for the practical just-in-time manufacture of any axial-flux high frequency transformers and electric machine cores with conventional or amorphous metal;


As hypothesized by electric machine experts for over five decades, Best Electric Machine delivers a disruptive and patented electric machine system technology (i.e., wound-rotor doubly-fed "synchronous" electric machine system) that doubles the power and halves the price of an electric machine system with the same available low risk components and materials, the same available low risk manufacturing practices, and the same available low risk packaging techniques!



[1] Permanent magnets (PM) were perhaps available earlier than electric machine systems (EMS) themselves but although PM EMS follow the same operating principles of physics as any other EMS, PM EMS are more difficult to manufacture and design than most other electric machines because of the relatively non-sinusoidal flux distribution, the safety and manufacturing issues of persistent magnetic fields, and the rare and expensive availability of high performance rare-earth PM.   


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Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.


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