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Synchro-Sym Technologies


While Innovating For Our Clean, Efficient and Sustainable Energy Future," Best Electric Machine (BEM) leveraged a portfolio of patented and patent pending technologies, called Synchro-Sym Technologies, which provide a disruptive technical leap ahead of the brand name competition!


For instance:


1) SYNCHRO-SYM does not rely on speed-based induction and as a result, SYNCHRO-SYM is a synchronous electric machine that shows twice the constant torque speed for a given frequency of excitation.


2) SYNCHRO-SYM is the only electric motor and generator (i.e., electric machine) where the rotor armature assembly real estate (in conjunction with the stator armature assembly real estate) produces (generating) or consumes (motoring) active power from sub-synchronous to super synchronous speeds without discontinuity about synchronous speed where speed-based induction ceases to exist.  For all other electric machines, the rotor passively participates in the energy conversion process or shows discontinuous operation. As a result, SYNCHRO-SYM shows twice the constant torque speed for a given frequency of excitation and nearly twice the power density, half the cost, and half the electrical loss as other electric machines.


3) SYNCHRO-SYM provides multiples of higher peak torque than the closest competitor, which is the electromechanically commutated DC electric machine, because of its dual-port (or symmetrical) transformer topology.


Considering our patented and patent pending technologies, BEM is the clear technical leader in the highest efficiency, the lowest cost, and the highest power density enabling solutions for the electricity infrastructure



Recently, the World Economic Forum reported the need for a transformational investment of more than $7.6 trillion over the next 25 years (or $300 billion per year) to modernize, expand, and decentralize the electricity infrastructure for at least: a) continuing the global growth of electricity production from renewable energies, b) reducing global emissions, and c) sustaining global economic growth.  Technical innovation is key to the transformation. [1]



Electric machines (e.g., electric generators) produce virtually all electricity consumed and electric machines (e.g., electric motors) consume 68% of electricity produced for the industrial sector of the United States alone. Considering global electricity consumption is expected to grow faster than the 47% growth already experienced between 2000 to 2012, [2] the US Energy Department took the initiative to recently award $22M to five projects with an average award of $5M all by incorporating advanced, variable speed electronic control for load matching or for high speed operation, or by incorporating recent advances in power electronics, such as wide-bandgap semiconductors.[3]  Ironically, all awards utilize traditionally applied electric machine topologies, such as the rare earth permanent magnet (PM) electric machine without considering its effect on the limited global supply of minable and environmentally unfriendly rare earth materials if prodigiously applied in electric propelled vehicles or wind turbines.  None of the awards considered the invention of a practical brushless, fully stable, wound-rotor [synchronous] doubly-fed electric machine, such as the patented SYNCHRO-SYM electric machine of BEM, that can already double again the motor efficiency and power density criteria expected from the recent advances in power electronics or high speed operation as awarded. The unfortunate disregard for the invention of the symmetrical brushless, fully stable, wound-rotor [synchronous] doubly-fed electric machine as provided by SYNCHRO-SYM technologies undoubtedly shows industry's common confusion with asymmetrical [induction or asynchronous] doubly fed electric machine systems with their known instability issues, particularly at synchronous speed where induction ceases to exist, or with the cost, inefficiency, maintenance and bulk of either their multiphase slip-ring assembly or their dual stator armature winding sets of unlike pole-pairs in addition to a special focusing induction rotor.


Subsidized by massive public and private funding, research with anticipated lead times of 5-10 year (if even successful) is just starting to focus on the electricity infrastructure technologies that are related to the patented with patent pending portfolio of BEM, such as the development of 3D Printing for electric motors and generators [4], solid state (or electronic) power transformers (SST or PET) [5], high density motor technology and packaging, etc.




NOTE: The color coded diagram provides the overlap between the  portfolio of patented (and patent pending) Synchro-Sym Technologies leveraged by Best Electric Machine (BEM) and the major electricity infrastructure sectors, such as the Enabling Technologies, the Electric Vehicle Power Train, the Electric Propulsion/Traction, and the Smart Grid sectors. SS-EMS (Synchro-Sym or only brushless wound-rotor doubly-fed synchronous electric motor and generator system), Fix/Variable Frequency Electronic (or Solid State) Transformers (only direct AC-to-AC frequency and power transformation), and MotorPrinter (only 3D Printer of electric motors and generators) are "patented" products and as a result, available (green)  with their green bodies straddling the silver outlines of the electricity infrastructure sectors to which they contribute, such as  Electric Vehicle Power Train, the Electric Propulsion/Traction, and the Smart Grid electricity infrastructure sectors with MotorPrinter additionally straddling Synchro-Sym Techologies Manufacturing or Enabling Technologies (orange).  The High Frequency Micro-Distribution Bus, Traction-Matic Vectoring, and Power Stacking are "patent pending" and as a result, non-available (blue) at this time.



SYNCHRO-SYM Technologies Portfolio:


  First In Technology Solutions!

 Years Ahead of Household-Name Research Establishments,

Best Electric Machine (BEM) Is Always "Innovating for Our Clean And Sustainable Energy Future!"

  Electric Motor and Generator Systems (SS-EMS)

* Patented *

First to provide the only alternative solution to the cartel-controlled rare-earth permanent magnet electric motor and generator system (EMS) with the only dual-ported transformer circuit topology EMS that provides more torque density, more power density, and more efficiency at lower cost!

  MotorPrinter (3D Printer)

* Patented *

First to provide the only 3D Printer for the rapid just-in-time manufacture of amorphous metal electric machine cores with integral frame assembly to provide up to 80% reduction in core loss!

  HF Micro-Distribution Bus (HFMMB)

* Patent Pending *

Stay tuned for another first! First to provide the only high frequency multiphase micro-distribution bus (HFMMB) that can be tapped anywhere along its path for any electrical power configuration with fewer components, with resiliency, and with lower cost!


Fixed-Frequency Electronic Transformers (ET)

* Patented *


First to provide the only compact, simple and low cost electronic (or solid state) transformer with frequency regulation, frequency translation, frequency conversion, frequency synchronization, voltage leveling, and power factor adjustment with direct AC-to-AC conversion and without large reactive components or DC Link Stage!


Variable-Frequency Electronic Transformers (ET)

* Patented *


  Traction-Matic Vectoring (TMV)

* Patent Pending *

Stay tuned for another first!

  Power Stacking (Packaging Technique)

* Patent Pending *

Stay tuned for another first!




[SS-EMS]    [MotorPrinter]    [Power Stacking]  


[Micro-Distribution Bus]    [Traction-Matic Vectoring]    [Electronic (or Solid State) Transformers]






Note: The Radial Flux prototyping of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System is shown as our Icon, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.


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