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While Innovating for Our Clean, Efficient, and Sustainable Energy Future," Best Electric Machine (BEM) leveraged a portfolio of patented and transformational electric machine technologies, branded SYNCHRO-SYM Technologies, which include an electric motor or generator (i.e., electric machine) technology, called SYNCHRO-SYM, and a symbiotic electric machine 3D Printer technology, called MOTORPRINTER, as its flagship patents.  

  • SYNCHRO-SYM provides the only practical brushless and symmetrically stable multiphase wound-rotor “synchronous” doubly-fed electric motor or generator system...READ MORE  

  • MOTORPRINTER is the only Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) 3D Printer for the rapid additive manufacture of axial flux electric machines with high performance electrical steels, such as amorphous metal ribbon...READ MORE

Leveraged patents for other products will be BEM's future focus, such as products for smart-converters for the smart grid...READ_MORE.




Today, many of the most advanced and highest performing vehicles (such as Rimac C Two) are either electric or hybrid electric vehicles (EV) with highly optimized electric propulsion motor or generator systems as an integrally essential component.  Since automakers are predicting a dramatic decline in vehicles solely powered by internal combustion engines (ICE) with electric propulsion as the alternative, the Electric motor market for electric vehicles (alone) will reach $480B by 2028. BEM is principally focusing MOTORPRINTER and SYNCHRO-SYM on the electric vehicle (EV) market.





- Compared to all other electric motor or generator systems (including highly optimized systems, such as Rimac's Systems), only the patented circuit and control architecture of SYNCHRO-SYM provides (to name a few):


1) Twice The Performance At Half The Cost;

    (e.g., With an independent electrical power port, rotor assembly (and real-estate) actively contributes to electromechanical power production)

2) Four Times The Peak Torque Potential (for truly direct drive or transmission-less propulsion system);

    (e.g., Follows operation of the classic dual ported (or symmetrical) transformer circuit topology)

3) Twice The Contiguous Constant-Torque Speed Range (and Power) For A Given Frequency and Voltage of Excitation;

    (e.g., Contiguous sub-synchronous to super-synchronous speed range)

4) Only Electric Machine System With Rotor "Actively" Contributing to Electromechanical Power Production;

    (e.g., No "Passive," Delicate, Expensive, Environmentally Unfriendly, and Global Supply Limited Permanent Magnets, such as Rare Earth Permanent Magnets)

5) High Performance Magnification (again) With Enabling Material, Packaging, And Manufacturing Techniques;

    (e.g., Performance material, packaging, and manufacturing techniques enable the "high performance" of the same century old circuit and control architecture used by all other electric machine manufacturers, such as Rimac's Systems)

6) Only Electric Machine System With Duplicate Rotor and Stator Assemblies For Another Level of Power Density and Low Cost, And For Convenient Incremental Series and Parallel Voltage Power Stacking.

    (e.g., The symmetrical circuit and control architecture allows occupation of the empty axial flux annulus space with the controller)



- Compared to all other electric motor or generator manufacturing, only the patented MOTORPRINTER provides:


A 3D Printer that will democratize the rapid manufacture of axial-flux electric motors and generators with amorphous metal ribbon.





Most recently,A New Generation of Axial Flux Motors for Electric Vehicles” with the highest efficiency and power density attributes is emerging (but not yet fielded) from a Belgium company, called MAGNAX, after nearly ten years of product development...READ MORE


By retrofitting with the patented electric motor circuit and control architecture of SYNCHRO-SYM, the power density of the MAGNAX highly optimized electric propulsion motor can be doubled again, the cost halved again, and the efficiency increased again...READ MORE

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Shown As Our Icon: The Radial Flux Prototype of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System, which predates the axial-flux SS-EMS Technology.