SYNCHRO-SYM Technologies


Our Mission:



For Our Clean, Efficient, & Sustainable

Energy Future!


"Just when the Pundits thought,

Everything that can be invented for electric machines,

Has been invented."




In accordance with our "mission," Best Electric Machine (BEM) provides a collaborative portfolio of transformational technologies for the electricity infrastructure, branded SYNCHRO-SYM Technologies, that includes:  

  • SYNCHRO-SYM is a patented electric motor or generator system with a low cost electric machine circuit and control architecture that magnifies the peak torque potential, the operational performance, and the performance enabling attributes beyond all other electric machine circuit and control architectures...(READ MORE)

  • BM-HFMDB is a patented isolated, bi-directional, balanced multiphase, high frequency, micro distribution bus system of power conditioning nodes that provide modular, scalable, and versatile frequency and phase translation with considerably fewer electronic stages, lower cost, and higher efficiency...(READ MORE)

  • MOTORPRINTER is a patented 3D Printer of  axial flux electric motors, electric generators, or electric transformers (i.e., electric machines) cores with an integral frame and bearing assembly but more importantly, with optimized amorphous metal ribbon...(READ MORE)




Many of the most advanced and highest performing vehicles of today, such as Rimac C Two,  are fully electric or hybrid electric vehicles (EV) with the highly optimized electric propulsion motor and generator systems as the integrally essential components.  Since automakers are predicting a dramatic decline in vehicles solely powered by internal combustion engines (ICE) with electric propulsion as the alternative, the electric propulsion motor market for electric vehicles (alone) is expected to reach $480B by 2028. In response, A New Generation of Axial Flux Motors for Electric Vehicles with the highest efficiency and power density has just emerged from MAGNAX but not yet fielded (as of early 2018) after nearly ten years of product development...(READ MORE)




Like MAGNAX, BEM is introducing a new axial flux electric motor or generator system for at least the electric vehicle and wind turbine markets, called SYNCHRO-SYM, but the power density of the already highly optimized MAGNAX electric propulsion solution can again be doubled, its cost halved, its efficiency increased, and its peak torque at least doubled by simply retrofitting MAGNAX with the patented electric machine circuit and control architecture of SYNCHRO-SYM...(READ MORE)



SYNCHRO-SYM goes far beyond the electric propulsion solution provided by all others...(READ MORE)



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2007, 2009, 2014, 2018  Best Electric Machine


Shown As Our Icon: The Radial Flux Prototype of the Advanced Brushless Wound-Rotor Synchronous Doubly-Fed Electric Motor Or Generator System that predates SYNCHRO-SYM.